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Invisors Workday Training Methods

Invisors embraces a customer enablement deployment methodology because we’re successful only if you’re successful

It’s our job to meet you where you are, then guide you through a Workday enabled transformation.

Workday is the same exact product across all of its customers, but your data + your people are the two variables that make your project unique.  Invisors keeps your unique needs + expectations at the heart of our project.


We don’t waste time.

Invisors hits the ground running with our Data + People Workshop.  During the very first week of your project, you will spend 2 virtual days with your Invisors Data Conversion, Integration, and System Architects: We start our conversations up high to get a big picture view of the future state technical system architecture, then we dig into common project blind spots across data sources, data cleanliness, critical integration points, and change management.

We use these early deep-dive discussions to inform our detailed project plan, influence the pre-work required before the Architect Stage, and introduce our proprietary deployment tools that enables Invisors to start building your first Workday tenant with meaningful configuration + data values.

We bring proprietary tools that enable early + frequent AH-HA moments! 

Invisors invests in tools that expose common customer blind spots, because you need a deployment partner who enables your success. Our goal is to pull forward the OH-NO moments typically not identified until data conversion, later stages of testing, or even months after go-live.

We can’t share all of our secret-sauce on the website, but we do have proprietary tools to accelerate + de-risk data conversion, security assignments, operating model design, system testing, configuration knowledge transfer, and go-live readiness.

Just like big yellow road signs on the highway, Invisors supports your unique deployment journey by proactively identifying parts of the project that are most prone to failure or rework, helping your team prepare for complexities + be ready to react.






We are data analytics nerds; it’s in our DNA.

Odds are that your Workday business case has something related to “Roll-out real-time, actionable data analytics.”  These open-ended and lofty analytics goals are tricky; especially if there isn’t anyone who can provide the specific analytics requirements to this strategic, executive nirvana.

Invisors data-n-analytics (DNA) team brings an unparalleled collection of solutions that we share on every deployment to ensure that you can mark that goal COMPLETE at project go-live. Here’s a sneak peek at how we do it…


Nobody wants reports with inaccurate or incomplete data; it’s the quickest way to degrade business confidence in the system.

Invisors deploys our custom data quality dashboard to spot issues in real-time.

STEP 2: Required reporting

There’s a roster of regulatory reporting that every organization must produce from their financial, HR, and payroll record-keeping systems that must be ready at go-live.

Invisors introduces you to our favorite Workday delivered reports and includes hours to both configure those reports + teach your team how to build their report writer skills.

STEP 3: Strategic analytics

Let’s unlock insights to influence decision making, assess risk + set priorities with “real-time actionable analytics” that every organization wants from their record-keeping system

Invisors activates the Workday delivered dashboards for you to experience during prototyping, then together, we assess next steps based on your feedback to the delivered functionality. 


Invisors also deploys a custom “Operational Command Center” per in-scope workstream, to help organize a typical day-in-the-life of your Workday super-users: You’re welcome.

Engage Invisors to facilitate your data-driven culture transformation.

Do you have an unique business need for finance or HR? Invisors is a Workday Extend partner and can help you explore, build + deploy new capabilities for your organization.


Our Differentiators

Invisors Differentiators: We help you find and use the data all around you, we always integrate change and go-live readiness, we put your needs at the heart of our project.

We include Change Management in EVERY project.

It doesn’t matter how well the Workday system is configured, if nobody knows how to use it. Typically, the final steering committee meeting before go-live facilitates a formal “Go or No-Go Decision” to basically validate if the entire deployment team was successful:

  1. Is the new system ready to go-live?

  2. Are the back-office super-users ready to operate the new systems?

  3. Are there communications + trainings + support staff ready to help business end-users?

Invisors includes a baseline of Change Services in every deployment, because more than just the system of record is changing; who, does-what, when is also changing.  Our entire customer enablement deployment methodology was designed by Invisors teammates who have been Workday end-users, functional operators, and system administrators, so we’ve built tools into our methodology to de-risk your go-live.


It's just such a good way of doing it. The Personas, the Workbooks...I know some of it's Workday, but a lot of it is you guys and it's just so much better than other implementations. We feel super supported and empowered to know what we're doing.

Director of Global IT

Consumer Goods Industry

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