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Invisors builds our business one happy, referenceable customer at a time

In fact, we treasure our customers, and we don’t hide behind their logos.

Invisors chooses to not blast customer logos here; instead, we introduce “their story” so that you can try to find which situation most resembles your unique set of needs.


It’s a small shift in perspective, that we believe matters to both prospective future customers + our current customers.  As part of our sales process, we provide specific customer references based on your specific project needs or risk areas.

Invisors Client Stories

Invisor Customers story

Grew through acquisition + hadn’t touched the financial systems in 15 years, so they had their hands in multiple systems.

Invisors consolidated their financial data model, then deployed Workday Financial Management + Workday Adaptive Planning.


FINS Deploy Consolidating Multiple Systems


Initial Deployment

Financial Management + Adaptive

Invisor Customers story

Wanted to standardize global HCM processes but needed different levels of self-service by geography.

Invisors replaced global SAP HCM, converted important historical worker data into Workday Prism and designed an easy-to-manage solution as countries evolve their self-service strategy over time.


HCM Global Deployment Replacing SAP

Consumer Goods

initial Deployment


Invisor Customers story

Spin-off organization needed a global HCM + Financial Management solution, in 6 months.

Invisors deployed Workday HCM + Workday Financial Management + Workday Adaptive Planning for the new global organization, then traveled across the globe to support their first period close.


Global Full Platform for Tech SpinCo


Initial Deployment

HCM + Financial Management

Invisor Customers story

Installed Workday core HCM, then immediately wanted to extended Workday into new parts of their organization.

Invisors supported the HCM initial deployment and before exiting the stabilization period, immediately started the effort to deploy Workday Adaptive Insights, Prism Analytics, and Learning.


Outgrows Initial HCM Launch Needs to Optimize Globally

Real Estate


HCM + Financial Management

Invisor Customers story

Small non-profit organization moved from a turnkey service bureau contract to their own Workday HCM + Financial Management solution.

Invisors deployed the Workday Financial Management portion of the project + provided additional financial back-office support for 9 months.


FINS Global Deploy with Extended Stabilization Period


Initial Deployment

Financial Management + Support

Invisor Customers story

Growing professional services organization needs more sophisticated financial management tools.

Invisors deploys the full suite of Workday Financial Management, automating their “Pay When Paid” requirements to manage cash flow.


FINS Deploy with Complex Integration Needs

Professional Services

Initial Deployment

Financial Management


With data residing in multiple systems this multi-national business needed to offer stakeholders real-time data analytics.

Invisors blended external data, using Workday Prism Analytics, to generate cross-system insights.


Analytics for Every

HCM and FINS Stakeholder

financial services

Initial deployment

spotlight on analytics


Complex calculations and version control grew to be a challenge after years of modeling and planning in Excel.

Invisors deployed Workday Adaptive Planning to seamlessly integrate with Workday HCM, Workday Financial Management and other external systems.


Financial Modeling with Live

Workday Data

financial business services

add on deployment

spotlight on adaptive planning


Various excel models owned by different teams made it difficult to collaborate.

Invisors deployed Workday Adaptive Planning to automate their annual financial plan and seamlessly integrate with Workday HCM, Financial Management and Student. 


Plan Revenue and Expenses 

with Adaptive Planning