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Invisors Workday Human Capital Management Deployment

Workday Human Capital Management Deployment

If you’re deploying Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), it’s because you’ve seen the product, heard about the results it enables, and believe in what it could mean for your organization…

Do you hope to

eliminate the old-school paper personnel action forms


Invisors approaches each Workday HCM deployment with a special sparkle in our eye, because we want to hear your story:  Where are you coming from + where do you hope to go with this project?

Invisors knows that more than just the system-of-record changes on the go-live date: The system deployment transforms your human capital management experience – organizational strategies, people expectations, and process routines will evolve.

More importantly, Invisors knows that your “happy customer status” is ultimately measured after the deployment is complete and based on how your people are adopting the new processes.

It’s such a small shift in perspective, but it makes a huge difference in your deployment experience and the likelihood of an “and they all lived happily ever after” ending.

Invisors understands + anticipates your needs, because we’ve walked in your shoes.

Invisors has Workday HCM consultants with work experience as:

HR Business Partner

Benefits Manager

Payroll Manager

Director of Comp + Talent

HR + Payroll Shared Services Manager

HR Information Systems Manager

Our experience, deployment methodology, and proprietary tools impact your Human Capital Management deployment.

Invisors Workday HCM Training map

Document your Target Operating Model early to help answer critical questions – “Who needs new skillsets?” + “How do current responsibilities match up to Workday roles?”

Solution design elements that impact multiple functional areas together – ensuring decisions on your job architecture allow for growth and scalability, providing a robust framework for a cross-functional solution.

Answer foundational questions upfront to quickly identify areas that need complex solutions – we strive to find the pitfalls early on to reduce challenges at go-live.

Approach Requirements gathering with best practices in mind. We know what good looks like! – "We've seen these scenarios work well, which work best for you?"

Leverage quality data to produce quality payrolls – we know that successful pay runs only occur when HR data is clean.

Leveraging 15+ years of Workday Human Capital Management Deployment experience, we help you connect the dots to see the bigger picture during your unique transformation journey.

Workday Services Partner logo

Achieve the detailed knowledge transfer super-users need to be self-sufficient at go-live – we deploy our proprietary command center dashboards to organize the ongoing responsibilities of HR Partners, Data Managers, and each functional CoE Team (Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting, etc.)


Our HCM Lead is doing a FANTASTIC job at keeping it interactive and asking all the right questions.

Workday team
Fusion medical staffing

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Let’s talk about “Your Story” – where are you coming from + what do you hope to achieve from Workday Human Capital Management

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